What we do

Welcome to Get Consultants

GET Consultants is home to local business growth and improvement experts, enabling organisations and business owners to access exactly the high level skills they need for successful growth.

Low cost consulting packages

You might think business consulting is time consuming and expensive, but nothing could be further from the truth with Get Consultants. We can usually deliver far more than you’d imagine, even with a small budget. So why not challenge us to see how we can help you grow?

Many clients have improved their branding, messaging, social media, sales ‘elevator pitch’ and presentations, together with a completely new mobile-friendly website, with budgets starting at just £500.

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Whether you have a specific issue you need to address or want to get something done rapidly to solve a business challenge, within a sensible budget, you can rely on our local and highly professional team.

We are a group of professionals used to setting up, managing and growing a wide range of businesses. Whilst we’re now consultants, we’ve all been where you are now, working within organisations large and small, starting up and managing successful small businesses.

We know all the challenges and solutions in tackling day to day concerns, like funding a business start-up or expanding an organisation, finding new customers and clients, and getting the most out of staff.

What we do

Whilst we offer your organisation a range of business skills, we are all about people. We understand and always get on well with our clients, which makes it easier to help, rather than being one of those faceless consultants.

We make it our task to really get to know your organisation, what makes it tick, and what can be done to give it the best chance of success in the future. We aim to be the long-term business partner that you can turn to for help, both in times of crisis and in the good times when you are looking to grow and expand profitably.

How we do it

Every project we take on is led by a consultant who is an expert in their field, offering a single point of contact that you can call on and deal with throughout, to guide your project to success.

Whilst your business needs may well require more of our group’s skills during our time on one of your projects, your Team Lead will coordinate all of our efforts so that you get the most out of the time and costs of our services each and every day.

How much does it cost?

We charge an affordable day rate for all of our consultants, whatever their speciality. There’s no tie-in or monthly contract, and you get day-rate discounts if you use us for more than a few weeks at a time.

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GET is local, dependable and cost effective

For clients in West Sussex or Hampshire we offer intensive workshops in Havant and Scale Up Labs focusing on strategy for business growth.

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