The team at GET consultants offers expertise to aid growth, at competitive, consistent rates. We are your local Group Executive Taskforce, delivering exactly what you need, when you need it, freeing up your time to let you run your organisation better.

Nic Cowper – Branding and Business Positioning

Nic CowperNic has 25 years in business branding and positioning to help ensure your business can grow successfully. He helps you dig inside the soul of your organisation to understand how your business, products and services, and the benefits they offer, can best be communicated to customers. He makes sure your branding and messaging is clear and consistent, so all your clients can appreciate, be interested in and desire what you have to offer.

Nic is in Havant, Hampshire. See his LinkedIn profile – click here

Andrew Kerry-Bedell – Digital Marketing & Websites

Andrew Kerry-BedellWith 30 years in business and consumer marketing, business development and IT consulting, Andrew helps you plan out an integrated digital marketing strategy. Typical projects include mobile-ready websites, email, online advertising and social media designed to get your business noticed. He understands exactly where marketing adds most value, how it integrates best with sales and where and when to apply it to drive more profitability.

Andrew is in Chichester, Sussex. See his LinkedIn profile – click here

Philip Poyner – Finance for Business Growth

Philip PoynerPhilip is a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years working as a Finance Director for small and medium size companies. He is currently working with a range of key clients as interim / part time FD advising on business growth, planning, funding and maximising returns for shareholders. With a practical approach to business and a commitment to add business value to all of his clients, he is a trusted member of our consulting team.

Philip is in Guildford, Surrey. See his LinkedIn profile – click here

Carolyn Bentley – International Trade Specialist

Carolyn has been an international trade specialist for over 25 years, both hands-on and as a business adviser. After years working with clients on behalf of the Department for International Trade, she now helps businesses with specific projects ranging from organising participation at an international trade show to export strategy and implementation, researching and developing new markets and multilingual sales support to help increase sales.

Carolyn is in Brighton, Sussex. See her LinkedIn profile – click here

Judi Ammari – Public Relations and Communications

Judi AmmariJudi is a senior PR consultant and has worked in global consumer marketing and PR for B2B companies, manufacturers, public and not-for-profit sector and entrepreneurs.  Judi will strategically plan and prioritise your targeted, online and offline communications to your current business objectives. With the right messaging and chosen mediums she will integrate your business story to achieve tangible results for your investment.

Judi is in Havant, Hampshire. See her LinkedIn profile – click here

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