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GET Consultants offers local business growth and improvement experts, enabling SME organisations to access all the strategy, ideas, talent and skills that you need to expand successfully.

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Every business needs sensible advice on how to make the most of your brand, staff, marketing, sales, technology and finances. The challenge is nothing ever stands still, and business owners have a ‘to-do’ list that gets longer by the day.

At GET Consultants we understand your business time pressures, providing a local consultant to help you to get your key projects completed effectively and delivered on time, and all within a reasonable budget.

You might want to understand how recent changes affect you. The difficulty is this usually takes valuable time away from working out how to develop and grow your organisation in the most efficient way.

GET Consultants helps you tackle many common business challenges quickly and cost effectively:

I have no time to create a growth strategy

Like most people, you want to spend the time you have growing your organisation successfully, rather than dealing with recruitment, strategy, marketing, recruitment, office facility or finance projects.

Get Consultants is a local business team that works with you and your senior staff, creating a clear, effective plan designed to create the growth strategy you just never seem to have the time to formalise.

We just don’t seem to have the skills

Every business changes over time, but rarely does any organisation have the perfect mix of skills internally to take advantage of every opportunity for the future. This is when you need outside help to move forward.

There are always times you need specific skills or particular advice on a business project, like a new website. And, if you could get local experts to help you deliver your project without it breaking the bank, well why wouldn’t you?

Exactly how and where do I start?

It’s always challenging to work out the best way to tackle a large project like rebranding your business, launching a new product or developing a new mobile friendly website that makes you stand out better from your competitors.

Our team has worked on all types of business projects, and we have the expertise, time and energy to manage and deliver the projects that really make a difference, leaving you time to focus on running your business.

I just need someone with the expertise to get things done

We can tackle client projects large and small, whether you have a long-term project, need expert consulting for a day or two or just need a spare pare of hands to help or guide staff to make sure your business keeps heading in the right direction.

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GET is local, dependable and cost effective

For SMEs in Hampshire and West Sussex we offer FREE lunchtime talks and workshops on a range of topics and Scale Up Labs for business growth.

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